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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Chanel Illusion d'Ombre Review

Hmmmm, now where do I begin with this one?

First of all, if I told you all when I actually bought this then you would chastise me for being a bad blogger and not telling you all about it sooner, but on the other hand I wanted to give it a good enough trial before unleashing my (probably controversial) opinion on it.

So, here goes....

I bought this back around the beginning of November and it was one of the most highly anticipated purchases for a very long time. As soon as I'd heard about these spongy, light-as-air cream shadows from Chanel I knew that I wanted all of them. I would skulk around Ici Paris and Planet Parfum stroking all the colours and return home with the backs of my hands full or glitter, shimmer and promises of stupendous eye make-up to come....

I chose Illusoire, a cool metallic purple-silver shade but I was torn between this and Mirifique, a majestic black with silver microfine glitter.

The little glass pot is very alluring and it comes with a tiny slanted brush which you can use as a liner brush or use to apply the colour to the lid. 

When you open the pot you are met with a strangely bouncy, almost whipped looking shadow, a bit like a mousse. In fact it's just like memory foam, if you touch the shadow the imprint remains. (See photo above and below)

The colour transfers beautifully onto the fingers ....

Chanel Illusion d'Ombre (Illusoire)

and onto the back of my hand..... 

....but sadly that's where the joy ends.  Unfortunately I can't seem to get this quality of colour onto my eyelids. I've tried using my fingers, using the brush it comes with (a bit pants to be honest), my MAC 217, a synthetic eyeshadow brush, you name it, the colour doesn't quite 'make it'. 

The point of these shadows is that they provide smooth, even, long-lasting colour to the lids and that they are easily blendable. This is my problem, I find that this colour applies patchily and that it takes a lot of working in and blending to achieve an even finish. Once it's on the lids it looks pretty enough but doesn't have that depth of colour that you see on my finger or on the back of my hand in these photos. 

Also, it does crease. For me it works better over a primer, but it still creases. The overall effect on the lids is almost shiny, like my lids are 'wet'. This can be pretty and edgy or a complete disaster, depending on the look you're going for. 

I've used this quite a few times, as you can see from the photos as I've been determined to find a way of making it work for me.  I've found that it's best to apply with the fingertips and complete the blending with a eyeshadow blending brush so that it blends seamlessly into the skin. I then like to line the waterline in black and apply mascara. It makes for a pretty look, but it's not 'wow', and I expected more 'bang' for my buck. 

Perhaps the other colours are better, and I've seen that other girls have loved these, but I remain a little unconvinced. Perhaps if it had been a drugstore/highstreet product I wouldn't have minded so much, but this is Chanel, baby, and that don't come cheap. 

So far the ultimate cream shadow for me is Benefit's Creaseless Cream shadow liner. I've also had far better results from Kiko's Cream Shadow Stick and, most recently, the new Metallic Cream Shadows from Collection 2000. 

I can't wait to try the Maybelline Colour Tattoo shadows when they finally land in Europe! 

Have you tried any of the Illusion d'Ombre shadows?

Score 6/10

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