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Friday, 24 June 2011

Sally Hansen's "Airbrush Legs" Review

I meant to write this earlier this week but got caught up doing French exams and other less-fun things.

While I was in London I went to a wedding and I desperately wanted to wear my cute little Zara dress with lemons on it. I bought it in the sale two summers ago and hadn't had a chance to pull it out until this year. Last year I was too thin for it (boohoo..... NOT) and this year I'm juicy again, so out it came.

The only problem was my legs. They were in that awkward mid-waxing stage where even once I'd epilated I could still see black spots where those bastard hairs were trying to break through. And to top it off my legs were the colour of sour milk. I had tried to fake tan for a few days prior to the wedding, but what with Mr P telling me I stank like Ghaddafi's camel (his words.... yes, really) while the tan was developing, I'd decided that perhaps it was not the most sociable thing in the world to continue to use it.

I took some nude coloured fishnet tights with me just in case. I'm so glad I did, but even with the tights you could see that my legs were not looking great.

I remembered that a couple of weeks back my friend had told me about Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs saying that she used to use it when her legs needed a bit of extra help. In desperation I ran to Boots on the morning of the wedding and picked up a bottle.

Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs - Tights in a bottle!

Now, I find the name "Airbrush Legs" misleading. To me it sounds like you are meant to spray the product directly on to the legs and it will emit a fine mist of perfection which will make you look like someone has kindly given you the skin of a supermodel. What you are supposed to do is spray the product in your hand first and then apply it onto your legs, a bit like you'd apply a light body lotion.

The texture is quite runny, it looks like a watery liquid foundation, and it's best to start with a little at a time and rub it into the skin really well. I bought the Medium Glow. I think there are other shades but to be honest I've only ever seen this medium one in all the Boots I've been to since. The colour is perfect for me, I would describe it as a golden olive shade and is not overly tanned.

This is essentially foundation for your legs. It successfully hid the blotchiness on my skin, the tiny black hair dots, a massive bruise on my shin from where I'd slipped in the bath earlier that morning, and the tiny red veins on my thighs. Very, VERY impressed! And my legs were a beautiful colour, very natural, and not fake looking. There is a slight shimmer but I really loved it, it was not overly shimmery and shiny, but very flattering on the skin and it stops the effect from looking too 'flat' in my opinion.

And what about the staying power? Well, I still wore the tights as it was cold that day. I thought, well if it comes off on the tights that doesn't really matter. When I took my tights off that night they were as good as new. I was intending to shower before going to bed obviously, but I was so whacked after such a long day that I put on my pale pink pijamas and went straight to bed. Oh well, I'll wash the sheets in the morning....

Come morning, not a smidgen of product on pijamas or sheets. I'm gobsmacked. I got into the shower and expected to see a waterfall of beige running into the plughole. Nothing. And then I got my sponge and the shower gel and only then did the stuff start to wash off.

I really couldn't believe the staying power of this, and most importantly, the fact that it didn't transfer at all onto my clothes. When I had put it on I had noticed that it dried really quickly, in under a minute, but as a precaution I waited at least 5 minutes before dressing. Next time I won't worry so much.

And there will be a next time, because this baby is coming with me EVERYWHERE whenever I have to get my legs out. Think about how much time we invest perfecting the small area that is our face, when the mass of skin which we expose on our legs is just left completely 'undressed' most of the time. That doesn't make sense!

So big thumbs up for Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs. It's £9.95 from Boots. Obviously it's available in the US, probably everywhere.

Score: 10/10


  1. Wow, thank you for this. I'd seen in it Savers last week and your review has definitely swayed me into buying it x x

  2. Hey Jessie, you're welcome. Hope it works as well for you as it did for me :)

  3. This sounds like really good stuff! I'm pale and so a bit of a fake tan-ophobe, but I'm definitely tempted by this :) xxx

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