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Friday, 17 February 2012

I feel pretty, and witty, and gay!

That's gay as in 'joy', folks. I'm not making any declarations here regarding closets and coming out of them....

What's been making me feel gay? Nars Gaiety, that's what.

I decided last week when I was back in old Londinium that I was in the market for a new Nars blush. Don't ask me why.... I just love the quality of Orgasm (mega lolz) and I wanted to shake things up a bit with a slightly fresher, less shimmery shade but of the same quality.
I was looking in particular at Torrid and Deep Throat (again, mega lolz), but this little number from the latest Spring 2012 collection caught my eye.

It's just so pink and pretty. Almost scarily pink, and scarily cool-toned candy coloured, but I was drawn to it all the same and so I tried it on.

I was with GG at the time and there was a collective gasp when I saw my reflection and my previously tired yellow face looked back at me with a freshness and prettiness I didn't think was possible from such a garish, almost gimmicky colour.

Nars Gaiety blush

My photos can't quite capture the vividness of this shade but this one below is the closest in that it captures more of the cool tones.

Nars Gaiety, swatched (L) Blended out swatch (R)
I'm sure this is not supposed to work on warmer skin tones such as my own, but somehow it does. It just 'lifts' the complexion, instantly making me look less tired and more youthful. Not that I'm that old! It really is 'instant pretty' and that's exactly what I wanted.

The texture is soft and matte, but not flat matte, almost satin. There is no shimmer but it still somehow manages to impart a gorgeous glow to the skin. Pigmentation is good but not as strong as some of the other Nars blushes, but I think this is a good thing in this case as the colour is quite bright. I personally find strongly pigmented blushes a bit hard to handle and have had a few 'Aunt Sally' days to prove it...

(For those of you who don't know who, or what, Aunt Sally is:)

But back to this gorgeous blush....
Heavy swatch (L), blended out (R)
I've been wearing this every day since I bought it and I love it. It's very easy to use and I can build it up nicely to the intensity I like (I have no natural cheek colour so I like a bit more blush than some people). It also looks stunning with a touch of highlighter on top, like my MAC Soft and Gentle.

If you're looking for a new Spring blush then this one is absolutely one to check out.

In the UK it's £21 and available in various department stores, Space NK (where I bought mine) and online.

I've yet to find a place in Brussels that sells NARS, although there is always mail order via

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