Musings of a self-confessed beauty addict from the heart of London!

About Me

Well hello there, and welcome to my little hub of all things beautiful, or indeed, all things which make us so!

You can call me Pandora. By day stressed and harassed freelance opera singer, singing teacher and wife to Mr Pandora (henceforth known as Mr P). By night, slightly less stressed and harrassed all of the above.

Oh, and I also blog because writing was once a little dream of mine. I used to write stories about pirates and time-travel and the French Revolution (because you know, I was a TOTALLY NORMAL CHILD) but now I write about all the little bits and bobs that make me happy and make me feel pretty.

Writing about beauty, whether it's products, experiences or stories, gives me such joy and I hope that my writing can bring a smidgen of joy to you too.

Thank you for stopping by and please, please, please feel free to write and say hello. Your comments really make my day.



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