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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lush Colour Supplement Review

I picked this up at the Lush in Place Stephanie, Brussels at the end of October on the store's opening day. I promised back then that I would review it along with the L'Oracle (Vanishing Cream) moisturiser that I also bought, so here's my tuppence worth.

The pot is lip balm sized but the product itself is very concentrated. Lush say that you can use this one of three ways; as a tinted moisturiser mixed in with a face cream, as a foundation applied neat over your moisturised skin, and as a concealer applied directly to blemishes and blended out.

Lush Colour Supplement in Dark Yellow

At first I couldn't get the hang of using this. I tried a couple of times using it as a tinted moisturiser, mixing a small amount into the Vanishing Cream and then applying it to my face, but this did not give me near enough coverage and I wasn't convinced it made me look that much better. As a concealer this doesn't really cut the mustard, but I always use a separate concealer anyway so for me it's not a problem. 

Colour-wise I picked the shade Dark Yellow which suits my pale olive skin quite well. For reference I'm shade B30 in Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, and when I used to use Dior Forever foundation I was shade 030 in that.
It's one of those base products that seems to adapt somewhat to your skin tone and doesn't really alter your natural colouring as can sometimes happen with foundation which is a tad too pink or orange.

Lush Colour Supplement - Dark Yellow, swatched heavily

Another heavy swatch!

So, not being that convinced by it I left it to languish a bit in my make-up box only to pull it out recently and give it a second chance. This time I applied it over freshly moisturised skin....
..... and then the magic happened.

My skin just glowed with health.  There was coverage, not full-coverage but enough for me not to go crazy with the concealer afterwards. It had blended beautifully into my skin and was undetectable. The finish is what I would call satin, kind of between matte and dewy, and is generally the kind of finish I favour.

What a result! I couldn't believe I'd left this lying dormant in my collection for so long. I was so enamoured with my Vitalumiere Aqua though, that nothing else really got a look in. The reason why I got to rediscover it was because my skin was feeling a bit dull and dry and Vitalumiere Aqua just didn't seem to be giving me enough oomph in the glow department. This Colour Supplement has proved to be the tonic I needed.

For me the key to loving this has been in the application. Mixing it with moisturiser just didn't work for me. Neither does applying it to dry skin, by which I mean un-moisturised skin or skin without a trace of moisturiser left on it. This kind of goes against the traditional beauty rule of letting your moisturiser sink in properly beforehand, but with the Lush Colour Supplement I find it doesn't blend so well on a drier skin. The slight slip of moisturiser helps it on it's way.

My moisturiser of choice with this has been Oilatum Natural Repair or Lush's Vanishing Cream which I will review very soon, suffice to say that I'm on my second pot of the stuff.

Overall this is a very good quality product for the price (well, for the UK price at least!). Lush need to promote these more as they are often hidden away in the shop and somehow don't inspire much confidence. 

Score: 8/10

Lush's Colour Supplement is £7.95 in the UK for 20g / €15.95 in Belgium (What on earth is up with those Euro price hikes??)

Have you tried this?

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