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Saturday, 19 November 2011

NOTD - Hello Kitty 'Violet Salome'

Hello Kitty - Violet Salome

I thought the weekend would be a good time to dig out this little gem by Hello Kitty. I picked this up a few weeks ago and hadn't had the chance to showcase it's juicy gorgeousness yet. For more on Hello Kitty (yes, it's a brand and not a collection) see this post.

I couldn't resist the magical molten elixir contained within the cutesy bottle. Plus, it's called Violet Salome, a suitably lascivious name for such a wanton purple glitter! Salome was a very very bad girl after all....

This is two coats with top coat. One coat is a little streaky, but could be wearable if applied with more care. The one coat colour is softer and more lilac.  This polish applies so easily and the brush is neither too wide or too slim. As with the other Hello Kitty polish I have the texture is on the watery side but this does not pose a problem with either application or wear time. These polishes dry relatively quickly too.

I've included lots of pictures with this one. It's so pretty.... kind of a hybrid between a foil, a glitter and a frost. The glitter is very fine and leans more fuschia pink. The base is purple so the overall effect is quite complex. It's like Cadbury's on acid! 

Blurry photo to show the sparkle....

By the way, you can click on the photos to enlarge them.... (just in case you didn't know!)

I hope to get a little dressed up this weekend to do this justice. Sitting here in my manky old pajamas does not do Violet Salome any favours whatsoever.....

What do you think? Yay or nay?

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