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Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Perfect Day

I just thought I'd show you this little nude number from the most recent MAC collection, Naturally. 

 It's been a long time since I owned a really 'nude' nude lipstick, the kind which almost cancels your mouth out completely in order to play up a smoky eye.

I love the name of this lipstick... A Perfect Day.... so sweet. Somehow it kind of implies that it would be easy to wear, but you'd be mistaken.

On my naturally dark lips this lipstick has a dramatic effect, cancelling out all my natural colouring and leaving me with the blanked-out lips I thought I wanted. It's an amplified creme formula which means that it has a high pigment concentration, great for someone with very pigmented lips, like me, who likes to see the colour from the bullet directly on the mouth. 

This photo somehow captures the 'true' colour of the lipstick as a more pale, beige-peach

When I tried this on it took some convincing from the whole of the MAC Brussels sales' team that it suited me. At the time I had very little make-up on, and with these blanked out lips I looked a bit on the dead side.... to put it mildly. But then visualising it with dark, smoky, sultry eyes, I was won over. In fact, once I got home I quickly slapped on some more eyeliner and smudged it liberally around my eyes and the nude lips suddenly worked their magic. 

The photo below was taken on my iPod camera and here the colour comes out more of a peachy brown  but in reality it's a lot paler. I'm also wearing a bit of Boldly Bare lipliner with it which deepens the colour somewhat.

MAC - A Perfect Day
 All in all, it's not the easiest of colours to pull off as it requires the commitment of strong or dramatic eye make-up which I don't always feel like wearing, but I do love it when the whole look comes together. I had absolutely nothing like this so I'm very happy it's in my stash now.

How nude do you go on the lips?

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