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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Falling off the wagon....

...and quickly getting back on it again!

Ok so I'm not supposed to buy any more make-up while on Project Pan, but as with any law there is always a loophole or two... n'est-ce pas?

To cut a long story short: Milan Airport - Sunday afternoon - Brand new Kiko Milano make-up store

What's a girl to do? Just ignore it?? And when the Italian economy is in such crisis and needs my help??

I'd heard of Kiko before but I had never been into a store. I (once again) abandoned Mr P with two suitcases and a healthy shove towards the seating area and I began my wanderings.

Mr first thought was that it was like an Italian Sephora. All the stuff is Kiko but it's kind of laid out like and looks a bit like the Sephora's own line. It's not expensive but it's not super budget either. Some things are L'Oreal prices and others like Collection 2000 or Barry M.... there doesn't seem to be much consistency. There is skincare too and a whole range of accessories.

I was good. I bought 4 things for research purposes. Two eyeshadow pen things, (one of which was a Long Lasting shadow stick (6.90 euros) and the other a powder-dip style pen called Eye Tech (5.90 euros)), a nail polish (2.50 euros) and a cuticle trimmer (2.90 euros).

Now hear my reasons for why I haven't strictly broken Project Pan:
  1. I've already finished one of the mascaras (yay!) and the Laura Mercier primer is on it's way out.
  2. I've lost my beloved Benefit creaseless cream shadow which is my number one most reached for eye product.... I'm gutted and have nothing else like that at all so I thought that the Kiko pens could somehow replace it. 
  3. Nail polish doesn't count, remember? 
  4. I don't have a cuticle trimmer.

Kiko Eye Tech Look eyeshadow

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow

Long lasting eyeshadow in 06 (top) and Eye Tech in 10 (bottom)

 To give a quick overview/review.... The Eye Tech pen I don't like. I can't get enough shadow out of the damn lid! It took about 5 attempts to get the meagre looking swatch you see. I love the colour which is why this is so frustrating. It would be a fantastic every-day lid shimmer IF I COULD BLOODY GET TO IT. Definite design flaw with this one, unless I'm being a cretin and there's something I'm not doing right. It also drags on the eyelid terribly when you try to apply it to the eye. Fail. :(

The Long Lasting stick shadow on the other hand is richly pigmented and smooths to apply. The colour is a bronze taupe shade. I was hoping it would be a bit closer to the Benefit Birthday Suit, but it's much browner. This baby does not budge. You see that swatch on my arm? It wouldn't wash off.... seriously, I even tried scrubbing my arm with a nail brush! You need  make-up remover for this. You also need to blend it very quickly as it sets fast too. I like it, and will use it regularly, but it doesn't quite replace my poor lost Benefit.

I like the cuticle trimmer, it does its job. Nuff said.

The nail polish..... Whole. Other. Story. I think this may be lacquer love and the Coralicious of my autumn/winter. Nail of the day coming up....

All in all I'm intrigued by Kiko. So far it's a mixed bag but one I wouldn't mind dipping into again next time I'm in Italy. The nail polishes are DEFINITELY the stars of the show.

Have any of you tried Kiko?

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