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Friday, 2 September 2011

Vintage Pupa Heart

With my last post being about an 11 year old Chanel compact and this one being all about a 12 year old Pupa make-up box you're probably wondering from whence come these nostalgic offerings.

It's partly to do with my Project Pan, meaning that in order that I don't buckle under the weight of the autumn collections and break my pledge I need to satisfy my 'cravings' by digging out hidden treasures from my past. It's kind of like shopping because you forget what you have and you re-discover it all over again, minus the trauma you would normally cause to your credit card and your other half when he sees exactly how much that limited edition Chanel nail polish (or two.... or three....) cost.

It's also partly to do with the huge clear-out I completed recently, giving bag upon bag of clothing, shoes and old fashion jewellery away to charity. Stuff that I had been hoarding for over 15 years and would never fit into/wear again for love nor money.

(Clingy mesh tops? Black polyester boot-cuts? Someone knows what I'm talking about ;))

This cute little Pupa heart was gifted to me by a very dear friend. I can't remember when, but it was certainly before 2000 so I'm calling it vintage.

Pupa is an Italian cosmetics company which seems to be much more well known outside the UK. In Italy it's everywhere. They have a regular make-up line as well as doing cute make-up coffrets shaped like animals, dolls, hearts etc.... They are a bit kitsch it has to be said, but they are on the good side of kitsch which means that I would have no problem giving or receiving them as gifts. They make you smile and that's what make-up should do above all.
Mr P gave me a Pupa angel on the first Christmas we spent together. I squealed with delight. It literally was a match made in Heaven :p

So back to the heart.

You take the lid off and there are six eye-shadows formed into butterflies. So cute!  The colours are very warm and autumnal. I actually used them quite a lot by the looks of it although I never hit pan on any of them.

The second level contains a generously sized blush in a peachy brown which as you can see I used a lot. I remember loving this colour on me so I'm excited to start using it again. There are also two lip colours, a terracotta lipstick shade which I remember not suiting me, and the little gloss above it which I also hit pan on. 

The bobbly thing in the middle is a little perfume which Pupa like to include in some of their coffrets. They have quite an extensive scent range, but to be honest this one smelt a bit like something a 6 year old would wear. Not unpleasant, but a little bit how a child thinks 'perfume' should smell, if you get my drift... or perhaps not. Still, it's a nice touch, and the smell takes me back in time, so actually it has a purpose albeit not the one it was intended for.

Do you girls have any Pupa coffrets?

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