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Thursday, 8 September 2011

NOTD - Kiko (Shade 325)

Actually this is a 'nail of the other day', so technically a NOTOD.

I hate it when colours are given a number and not a name. You just can't relate to a number and I do like to relate to my products it helps me bond with them.

Make whatever judgement you see fit.

I wanted something autumny and versatile that wasn't red or plum, and this particular beauty stood out to me when I was in Kiko (see my last post for more on Kiko).

An elegant muted khaki-grey, it stood quietly amongst its more brash and brazen sister bottles of obnoxious teals and vampy violets. Something told me that this was the colour I was searching for.

Kiko 325

 For 2.50 euros you cannot go wrong with this polish. It's pigmented, smooth, non-streaky and fast drying. And look at that shine. I didn't even use a top coat.

I cannot see an outfit this will not go with, and I know I will be wearing it more than any colour this season. Some greys can be too cool toned and flat looking, but this is warmed through by the khaki and to me it just screams 'expensive'.

I'm going to rescue this little gem from the anonimity of its number and call it something more befitting.

How about 'Clouded Moss' or 'Jungle Mist'?

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