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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Vintage Platinum Chanel - A little treasured memory

So, remember when we were back in 1999 and everyone was going crazy for the huge meltdown the year 2000 would bring? What an anticlimax that turned out to be.... when Big Ben chimed it's last bell of 1999 we all stood there with baited breath waiting for something to explode, for the aliens to arrive, or simply for the TV to go a bit fuzzy.

But nothing happened. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

The year 2000 was basically 1999 one year older. Somehow with a 2 in front of the number it felt like we should all be living in spaceships by then and commuting to work via hoverboards or flying jet bikes or something.

11 years later and still no flying jet bikes (boohoo), and the new millenium is starting to look vintage and quaint. I read somewhere that something vintage is something ten years or older. So, technically I can call my Chanel Lumiere Platine 2000 vintage.

The millenium was a marvellous excuse for cosmetics companies to bring out special limited editions and Chanel was right up there with the best.

Boxed in black with silver edges and encased in a silver mesh pouch with the words "Star Product" instead of the usual black velvet, this little compact hides a sparkling silver powder.

The compact itself inside is very much like the Joues Contraste blushers except it is all silver, very space age and futuristic in homage to the new millenium. In fact I remember that most of the millenium limited editions had something metallic and space-y about them. Quite hilarious when you think about it now.

The USP of this Chanel powder was that it contained real platinum and that it would imbue your face with a fine platinum silver glow as an all-over highlighter.

A heavy-ish swatch of Chanel Lumiere Platine 2000 - obviously it's meant to be used with a light touch! 

I was in love from the word go. I can't even remember why I wanted this so much as to be honest at that time I didn't have the knowledge I have now in order to have made it work. But still, those were my early days of Chanelophilia.... I was a novice at this game.

I didn't actually buy this myself. I tried. Everywhere I went was sold out, so I had resigned myself to the fact that it would never be mine. That is, until a very good friend tracked it down and ordered it from Paris for me as a surprise for my birthday. I was rapturous with gratitude and practically worshiped the ground he walked on ever since. I will never forget the lengths he went to in order to find this compact.

That's what this really means to me. It's more than just a pretty silver shimmery powder. It holds the memory of someone who liked me enough to go out of their way to find it for me to make me happy.
And that is something that makes it worth it's weight in platinum.


  1. Haha, yes, turn of the millenium, what an anticlimax!

    Can't believe we don't have flying cars yet. :/
    That looks super cool! Not exactly daytime, but beaautiful. And the packaging is so awesome!

  2. Thanks, it is super cool... I'm determined to use it more :)

  3. I found a dupe for this today at Wal-Mart of all was a bonne bell product!


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