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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A letter to Life

Dear Life

Thank you for all the wonderful things you bring to me ( the less-than-nice incidents you've thrown at me I'll let go, water under the bridge.... ) and for blessing me with gifts of food, oxygen, lipstick and Mr P. In that order. 

I love and hate your unpredictability, Life. You bring both excitement and trauma in equal measure, but at least you are never dull. Dull is certainly not a colour that suits you. Your colours, though ever-changing are at this moment luminous green, midnight blue, fuschia and coral. And how I love you when you're coral.

Now, Life, don't get me wrong, your attention to me is very much appreciated, but if you would just step to the side for an hour or so, so that I can ponder upon the gift of beauty and share my musings with the blogosphere, that would be just dandy. I have so much to say, but you always interrupt me and I never get to finish. Yes, you're probably more important, I know. But without beauty we, and you, would just wither away into shades of dull. And that's not fun, is it? 

So let's brighten up the world together, Life. Here's the deal: You give me a few hours a week to spread the word of the gloss-pel, and I'll iron Mr P's shirts. Promise. 

Best wishes


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  1. Yes life! Listen up!

    I know what it's like :( Didn't mean to nag at you!
    You blog when you find the time, and live your life! :D haha!


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