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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

NOTD - Essie Trophy Wife

This just shows you the power of product naming. I bought this for the name, not the colour, although the colour is gorgeous in the bottle. Another bottle that I bought is called California Coral, so chosen because I'd just been to California.

Make whatever judgement you see fit.....

In the meantime here is Trophy Wife in all her glory:

Essie Trophy Wife - Indoors

Essie Trophy Wife - Outdoors, you can see the shine better here

I myself love the colour but I'm not sure she loves me. I'll try living with her a few days and see. I think it's the shimmer that doesn't quite convince me. I also think that the last time I wore a blue-y toned nail polish was in 1990-something.....

So what do we make of her royal trophy-ness?


  1. Oh no, when you said about the nineties, I totally thought of Spice Girls and that totally made me look at that nailpolish in a different way.

    It's daring, I love the name, too! And the shimmer looks beautiful outdoors! I don't know if I would wear it on my hands, but on my toes - certainly!

  2. it looks really nice! although i'm not usually really convinced to blue-ish nail varnishes. but this one seems perfect for summer! :)

  3. Yep, one day in and all I see is the nineties flashing back at me! Maybe I'll try it on my toes instead. I'm wondering if I'd like it more if it were a cream formulation and not a shimmer.


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