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Monday, 4 April 2011

Hello pretty!

Feeling quite drained from a weekend of flying with Easyjet (worthy of a blog in it's own right, with the sole content being a massive rant about disorganisation, ineffectiveness and just plain lacking in common sense)..... and.... breathe..... !

But despite being jaded I wanted to write a quick post about my nails. You'd be forgiven for thinking that I'm a bit nail-obsessed. I am, but only in the brief spells throughout the year when my nails are in a decent enough state to be painted. At the moment it's colours galore :) At all other times I couldn't care less.

Having exhausted my gamut of coral nail colours I decided that I wanted to sport some bright pink nails this week but I didn't have any pink nail varnish. Rimmel would have probably been my first calling point but we don't have Rimmel here in Brussels (at least, not that I'm aware of) so I checked out the other brands in the local department store. Lo and behold, I found my perfect (well, perfect for this week) pink. It was, of all things, by Hello Kitty!!! Not a Hello Kitty collection from MAC or any other brand, but an actual Hello Kitty brand of make-up. There were some gorgeous nail shades, and the rest of the make-up looked pretty sound too. The powder blushers in particular were gorgeously creamy and in lovely, wearable shades. The packaging, apart from the ubiquitous Kitty staring at you, was for the most part quite modest and attractive, perfectly acceptable for a woman to be carrying around without looking like she had a Peter Pan complex. I was very tempted to buy a peachy blusher and an eye-shadow duo along with the nail polish, but I decided to give just one product a test run before I parted with my cash for the other two.

Hello Kitty Laque & Shine in Lily Rose

After applying my usual base coat (Boots Expert Ridge Filler - brilliant!) I applied the first coat of polish. It's quite watery compared to some other brands, and the first coat looked a bit patchy. The second coat went on and the patchiness gave away to a smooth, vibrant pink. I set it with my Mavala quick-dry topcoat (again, my usual). I did this 10 minutes before leaving for the airport on Friday. I threw the bottle in my suitcase thinking that it would probably chip or smudge over the weekend so I needed to be prepared.

It did not BUDGE. Not even when locking up the house and rummaging through my bag to find keys, passport, travel pass. It lasted perfectly the entire weekend and only chipped a little on my right little finger after washing my hair this morning. That's four days wear. Not bad for a seemingly watery, kitsch nail colour....

Close up after 4 days wear! 

Now, I've not seen this Hello Kitty brand anywhere else other than this particular department store but I am sure it exists in other countries. It's made in France and a quick internet search has established that it is of course available there. Still, what a happy discovery.... Hello pretty!

Price €7.50

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  1. I love it!!
    You looked gourgeous this week-end!!!



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