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Monday, 7 November 2011

OPI Touring America

OPI Touring America

Yay, I won something! So firstly a huge thank you and massive shout-out to Jessica Beautician who very kindly sent me these gorgeous minis when I won her giveaway competition. Check out Jessica's blog (and videos too) here. She's a doll!

From L-R: My Address is Hollywood, French Quarter for Your Thoughts, A-Taupe of the Space Needle, Honk If You Love OPI
Secondly, I genuinely feel an affinity with the OPI Touring America collection because I first visited the USA this year so I consider it to be my personal road-trip in nail colours. Well, the west coast ones anyhow. So I was extra chuffed to have won these ;)

Size comparison between a regular OPI bottle (15ml) and the minis (3.75ml)

Instead of making you all wait for separate NOTD posts I thought I'd just swatch them all at once and post them here. Plus, I'm impatient and just want to play.

Here we have My Address is Hollywood. Now of all the shades this one would not show its pretty self to the camera. It's pink. A lovely soft yet bright coral pink. In these photos however it's coming out more coral-orange than it really is. Maybe under some lights it gets this way, but believe me when I say it's more candy pink. You can see the lovely shimmer though so it's not a total fail picture wise.

This is two coats, no base or top coat to save time and sanity. Overall, a very pretty and quite unique pink which I have nothing like in my nail collection. Great for all seasons I'd say and I can't wait to rock this with my new beige-bisque coloured winter coat. (Yes, I know, the dry cleaner will become my best friend.... )

OPI My Address is Hollywood

Off came the pink and on went the grey. This is French Quarter For Your Thoughts:

OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts

I can't decide whether this is a warm grey or a cool grey. I see some brown-taupe undertones to it but I could be wrong. What do you think?
Again, two coats, no top or base coat. Lovely formula, smooth and non streaky. In fact all these, bar the dark one, had easy formulas which means that at a push you could get away with one coat if you wanted. Two coats for me is standard though.

 Grey comes off. Taupe goes on. Meet A-Taupe of the Space Needle.

A-Taupe of the Space Needle
I've been a-top (a-taupe) of the Space Needle, yes I have. I've even eaten there and can recommend the salmon. For me this leans more khaki than taupe, but maybe I just don't actually know what taupe looks like, seeing as there are a squillion incarnations of taupe. All I know is I like taupe. Again I have nothing like this so it's great to have in my stash.

Last, but by no means least.... Honk If You Love OPI.

Honk If You Love OPI
 I'm honking people. Can you hear me? This is pure lurve. Sexy, shiny, vampy, chic, feminine, powerful.... you may continue to add more adjectives. I grant you four photos of this because it is special and you must appreciate its glory. Strangely it has the trickier formula of the four. I needed more polish on the brush to get an even swipe of colour and it's definitely a two-coater. It leaves small 'bald' patches if you look carefully, but I don't care. It's a succulent deep burgundy-grape jelly-cream and it makes my spirits soar to new heights.

I have thus elevated this from meer swatch to NOTD. This is two coats over a base coat and with Essie Good to Go top coat. 



If you look carefully you can just about see me in my nails.... :)

Do you like this set? Which colour appeals most?

A final thanks to Jessica for putting  a huge smile on my face (and hands) on this dreary grey Monday!


  1. WOW i love all of these i must get them :) xoxo

  2. Yes get them, they make such a versatile little kit :)

  3. Yay so glad they got to you safe and sound! Thank you for the lovely shout out :-) Swatches are brill, love all of them!! The purple is gorgeous, all the purples I have turn out almost black after 2 coats but that one is really true to colour. Congrats again! xx

  4. Beautiful! HONK HONK
    Well done swatching them all, respect! :D
    Have a great day!

  5. Thank you peeps. Glad my swatching skills are obviously improving.

    @Jessica, the purple one is true to colour but under some lights it does look a bit black. It's still going strong on day 3 with no chipping!


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