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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Beauty Buzz - Rimmel makes it to Belgium!

I can't believe I'm writing this in 2011. 2011. I mean, there have been 4 (I think) types of iPhone by now, iPads, HD-3D TVS, the first passenger space flight is imminent, everyone is tweeting left right and centre.... in other words, major advances in science and technology and major changes to the way we conduct our lives and yet.....
..... Rimmel has only just made it to Belgium, like, this week!

Kate had been putting off that trip to Belgium for a while now...

Come on Belgium, what's up with you? Wakey, wakey!! Eventually they get there.... eventually.

So there is some reason to rejoice because I'd usually have to wait months to get back to London and grab a few bits and bobs from Boots or Superdrug and now Rimmel is here I can at least feel more connected to 'home' if that makes sense.

The bad news is that (surprise surprise) the currency transition seems to have been, ahem, lost in translation.

Examples: Nail polish €6.99, Mascara €11.99, Lipstick €8.99

Hel-lo? What happened to cheap (yet reliable) and cheerful?

It pains me to buy it here knowing that it's not only significantly cheaper in the UK but also with all the 3 for 2s and various vouchers you get from Boots etc it often works out at even better value. You'd be hard pushed to find any concessions here. At best it's usually something totally lame like 20 cents off a €12 euro foundation or €1.50 off when you buy two of something you would only ever want one of in the first place.

Yes I'm ranting now, but at some point I may just cave in (just like I did with Lush.... now there's a price hike for you).

Also new to Belgium (how can this be???) is Max Factor. Admittedly the stand I saw in Di (the nearest we'll ever get to Superdrug, but without the 'drugs') looked lovely and shiny with a good selection of products on offer. But again.... those prices.

Which leads me to ask.... is there really such a thing as cheap make-up these days? The price hikes in so called drugstore brands actually lead me to buy more high-end stuff, like Chanel and Dior, just because those prices are comparable throughout Europe and the UK and therefore I don't feel as ripped off. Funny logic maybe, but I don't see why Belgian residents should have to pay such an excessive amount for products which elsewhere are half the price or less.

Take Sinful Colors nail polish. Stateside it's an uber budget drugstore nail polish that retails for $1.99 (about €1.47 according to today's exchange rate).

Here in Di it retails for €5.95 (roughly $8.00). Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's a 400% mark-up. No amount of shipping costs or customs tax could possibly justify that.

My problem is that I'm just too informed. Maybe ignorance is bliss.....

What's your take on this?

Both Rimmel and Max Factor are available in Di stores but not all of them will be stockists. Will have to double check if Inno stocks them too.  


  1. There really isn't such a thing as really cheap makeup, at least in Belgium. Kruidvat did have Rimmel before, but not a very good selection, and I agree, the Sinful Colors markup is insane.

    On that note, fyi, I'm back in the US (where I'm from) where things are definitely cheaper. Let me know if you need anything. ;)

  2. Brody, I forgot about Kruidvat, but that's because I avoid it like the plague because the queues are always insane.

    Have fun in the US! Let me know what you bring back :)

  3. You make a very valid point that it's more worthwhile to buy Chanel or Dior - what a wonderful excuse. Your decision can now be justified! Hmm. I'm moving to Belgium.


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