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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

An Ode to Snowcake

There you sit so unassuming
Amongst the soaps and creams galore,
A giant disc so gently looming
With your scent that I adore.

A creamy guise so smooth and pale
Renders you to be ignored,
Unless perceived by scented trail 
Your hidden joy to be adored

Beneath your face of gilded white,
Which only angels maketh can,
You promise only pure delight
Of almond cream and frangipane.

Your scent which lingers from a distance
Must be pure ambrosia,
Bestowing on us all an instance
Of the most delicious rapture.

Exaggerate? Moi? I do not think.
For Snowcake I await all year
And of it's fragrance I would drink
Should it be edible, my dear!

The scent it leaves upon my hands
And blesses all my bathroom space
Is of the LUSHEST marzipan
From surely a most magic place.

Snowcake, Snowcake, so I sing, 
I raise my Christmas glass to you,
Joy to me is what you bring,
Every year forever true.

By Pandora
(Unconditionally, unashamedly, hopelessly devoted to Snowcake soap by Lush)


  1. LOL! Love this post! Must take myself off to Lush to buy x

  2. wow, reallu? Such a declaration! Such romance!

    I must find a LUSH and smell it now, just because of you!

  3. @Beauty Balm, thank you :)

    @Tora, Snowcake comes to life when you take it home ;P

  4. Wow! mi hai incuriosito!!!!!!! e che poetessa!!!!smack

  5. Great ode! I too have used Snowcake and I agree, it's amazing!


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