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Thursday, 3 November 2011

NOTD - Ciaté 'My Fair Lady' gets crowned

I'm so in love with glitter at the moment but it sure is a royal pain in the **** (insert what word you see fit) to remove.

My solution is the now probably outdated 'ring finger manicure'. But I don't care because I love what I've done here.

I'm also in a nude nails phase and my all-time favourite, most perfect for me nude is Ciaté My Fair Lady, a freebie in one of the UK monthly mags a while back (can't remember which, sorry!). It turned out to be the best freebie ever as I am irrevocably, irredeemably & unconditionally in love with this polish. I crave to see it's creamy, doll-like prettiness caress my nails in what has to be the smoothest lacquer I've ever tried. It has in actual fact been my most used polish and is the only colour I will need a back-up of. If I can't find this again I will cry.

I decided to jazz her up a bit by adorning my ring finger with OPI Crown me Already! which gives me that oomph that I'm looking for as well as considerably alleviating the task of the dreaded glitter removal in a few days time.  Only one nail to battle with as opposed to ten. Yay.

This is only one coat of My Fair Lady and one coat of OPI on top on the ring finger Amazingly smooth and even coverage in one coat. For a nude polish that's almost unheard of. I have to say that I have a pinky ridge-filler base coat on so that probably helps. I normally do two coats but today I'm loving just the one.

And just to show you how it sets off the hand, here is a (almost) full hand shot complete with sparkler.

Ciaté My Fair Lady & OPI Crown me Already!
Apologies for the really short nails. They are peeling and flaking insanely and the only way I can deal with them at the moment is to cut them down and hope that they peeling eventually grows out. When they are a bit longer I'm going to attempt the graduated glitter French manicure, maybe with a bit of midnight blue thrown in. Can't wait.

Do you like the nude/glitter combo?


  1. Very pretty. My fave glitter of late is the essence Hello Holo, but I totally agree about glitter being a pain in the tush. Have you heard of the foil method though? It helps a LOT.

  2. Oh delicious!
    I love your writing, it is so exciting to read!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Thank you girlies. @Brody, will look at that foil method. I do love lipglossiping.

    @Tora, thanks hon. You have a good one too :)


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