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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Lush Beginnings!

I can hardly contain my excitement.....

Today I saw that there would be a new Lush store opening up in Place Stephanie, Brussels. That is walking distance from me, people. Walking distance. To a Lush store. It's right next to the Annick Goutal shop so part of me thinks that the Annick Goutal lot won't be very happy with all the Lush-y smells wafting next door to them and interfering with their perfumes! Let's face it, you can smell a Lush store from about 100 feet away!

Obviously I know that this information is useless to anyone who doesn't live in Brussels, but you have to understand that there is not that much to get jiggy about in Brussels so forgive me if this shout-out is relevant only to my Brussels based readers. 

I called Mr P instantly to tell him the news. He was quite excited too. Mr P does love himself a Lush soap or two.

Oh and by the way, they've had a makeover. This is their new logo:

 What do you think? At the moment I prefer the old, cartoony one, I find it strangely comforting. I think the new one is a bit too minimal.... but I'm sure I'll get over it.

I've never talked about my sheer and utter adoration for Lush on this blog. So what better time to give them some love.

I used to by just bath bombs (sorry, I mean bath BALLISTICS in Lush lingo) and soaps when I frequented the Covent Garden shop many moons ago. I never took them seriously for anything else. Nowadays I rarely buy a bath bomb as I'm a die-hard shower girl, but I'm in serious love with most of Lush's other offerings.

My favourites are (in no particular order):

Jungle solid conditioner: Please, Lush, bottle this smell and sell it. I want to eat my hair after I used this and it makes my curls soft, bouncy and shiny.

Dream Cream: Soothing, healing, wonderful body cream. I love the smell, but lots of people don't.

Soaps: All of them, but in particular, Sea Vegetable, Karma, Ice Blue, Figs and Leaves, Snowcake

Therapy massage bar: Made all the better when employed by Mr P.

Karma Komba shampoo bar: A fantastic detangling shampoo which smells totally divine (if you like patchouli as much as me).

Sympathy for the Skin: Like banana custard in body cream form. Edible. Almost.

Fresh Farmacy face soap: I used to use this all the time about ten years ago. I don't know why I stopped, it's wonderful soothing stuff for the face.

What are your Lush favourites? Do you even like Lush at all?


  1. How lucky are you a lush in walking distance I wish my local lush was in walking distance :( then again I think if I was in walking distance of lush my bank balance wouldn't like it hehe. So I see you are a lush freak like me then lol I love lush there products are amazing xoxo

  2. That's awesome! It's walking distance from me too, it's even on my way to and from work! Score!

    Oh, and I LOVE Dream Cream.

  3. @Kelly, my bank balance is not going to like it either...

    @Brody, Excellent, I'm glad this news was relevant to someone!! Big thumbs up on the Dream Cream obviously :)

  4. A Lush store has recently opened up in my next town, previously I had not been to one - I LOVE it! Have not tried too much of the range yet what I have tried so far I have loved. Lucky you, having one so close!

  5. Ooh yes, Lush is good! Despite the rather overpowering smell! I purchased a bath bomb, was it dragon's egg, or something? Anyway - it was filled with gold glitter! And it made my bath water orange and scented with wonderful freshness!! Deeelicious.

    I would go crazy in there, but unfortunately it is super-pricey in Norway and I'm totally cheap these days. :( But I will get better, and treat Mr. T and myself with some LUSHness.

    I suppose their logo was looking a little dated, albeit cute! The new one is aggressive, but clean! I like it, I think. Not much personality in it though :((

    Congratulations on the store!!

  6. @Tora, EVERYTHING is expensive in Norway!! I remember my trip to Oslo a few years ago, we spent all our money on the airport train and a coffee!!! I've not tried the Dragon's Egg one, but I"m not a glitter fan, at least not in the bath!

    @Helen, I know, I feel very lucky. Glad you love it too!


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