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Friday, 7 October 2011

An Evening in Paris....

.....found during an afternoon in Brussels.

Postcard of 1950's ad for Bourjois Soir de Paris

Wandering about in Dille & Kamille, a cute home-wares store just off Avenue Louise, I stumbled across a card rack and saw this gorgeous little postcard featuring a vintage ad for Bourjois Soir de Paris perfume.
I adore these kinds of goodies so I bought the postcard and tucked it away somewhere to be framed at a later date in a vintage-style photo frame on my dressing table (that is, when I actually have a proper house with complete with walk-in wardrobe and a glorious vanity unit).... ah, to dream.....

Originally created in 1928,  Soir de Paris is apparently "amber, floral & spicy". I've never seen it around to actually have sniffed it myself, but for some reason I have it in my head as smelling a bit like Estee Lauder's Youth Dew. I'm sure if any of you have come across it you could enlighten me.

Interestingly, Bourjois have a lovely website with a cute voyage through their history complete with adorable pictures of their products in their vintage incarnations. In case you were wondering, those little round pot blushers have been around for a very long time! You can check it out here.

It appears that  you can still buy Soir de Paris. It's online here at Lloyds Pharmacy priced at £16.95.

What do you think an evening in Paris smells like?

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