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Monday, 17 October 2011

Falling in love with Giorgio

Armani Fluid Sheer No 2

Mr P will not be happy.
I've fallen in love with a man called Giorgio.
Giorgio is rich, cool, sophisticated, über talented and by God, he makes me look HOT. 

Giorgio and I met at Harrods a few weeks back. I didn't mean for it to happen but the attraction was instant and oh-so powerful. My friend GG and I were seduced by his promises of flawless skin, glowing cheeks and sumptuous lips. We both fell under Giorgio's spell and after he had had his way with us we stumbled away in blissful shame, grinning like lovesick teenage girls whose first major crush just looked their way. And we were both clutching little Harrods bags filled with souvenirs of our time together.

The Blushing Fabric I've already waxed lyrical on but when I saw what Fluid Sheer No 2 did for my cheekbones I was sold in a second. It blew all the other highlighters I'd tried out the water. It was more than a highlighter, it was heavenly skin in a bottle. No matter where it was placed, on my cupid's bow, on my cheekbones, the centre of my forehead.... it just imparted the kind of glow you normally can only get from within. That healthy sheen which became part of the skin and not just a layer on top of it. A shimmer so fine it was almost undetectable and the lightest texture you can imagine. Now that was the look I always wanted to achieve but somehow always fell short of. I now know that it was because I didn't have Fluid Sheer in my life. Now I do and I'm never looking back.

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer No 2 (top swatch blended out a little)
Fluid Sheer comes in a few shades, but No 2 is perhaps the most versatile. It can be mixed into foundation or tinted moisturiser for a subtle illuminating effect, it can be used alone all over the skin, or just to highlight the usual areas on the face. It can be used on the body too. I've used it mixed in with foundation and I love it, it just lightens the coverage and enhances the effect of the foundation. As I wear BB cream more often than foundation I've been using Fluid Sheer mostly to highlight and I'm totally in awe of the glow it gives which is as appropriate for day time use as for night time. It is stupendous on the cupid's bow, makes my lips ready to kiss Giorgio in gratitude.

Armani Fluid Sheer is £33 in the UK, €45 (ouch!) in the rest of Europe.

If you buy only one highlighter, make it this. You will be seduced, but I'm willing to share the love.


  1. love this too (and the foundation), lasts for ages so that makes it cost effective x

  2. @ Beauty Balm, so happy you love it! I have samples of the Face Fabric and the Luminous Silk foundation. Both leave the skin looking amazing, for me the Face Fabric has the edge so far.x

  3. the face fabric feels amazing - its hard to describe it. x

  4. ooh, I am really missing out! What does it smell like?

  5. @Tora, it doesn't smell of anything at all... Fragrance free, I think that's what they call it! But the texture is amazing... it just feels like nothing....


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