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Thursday, 16 August 2012

NOTD - Chanel Morning Rose

How long has it been since a NOTD? Too long I think.

It's not that I've not been wearing polish, but strangely, I've been reverting to ones I've worn (and photographed) before and so it's not very interesting to re-post the same shades is it?

I bought Morning Rose last year along with the much coveted Mimosa, but strangely enough, I never photographed her. So here she is.

A strange one, this. In the bottle she screams to be loved, worshipped and never forgotten. In a way she captured my heart more than Mimosa in the bottle.

Chanel Morning Rose

But her salmon-pink loveliness seems to fade into 'just pretty' on the fingers. The formula doesn't help. It goes on a bit unevenly and even with two coats it seems patchy. The golden micro glitter doesn't come through as strongly most of the time, only in sunlight. In fact, Morning Rose was born to be in the sun. Normal daylight just doesn't do her any justice, in fact, she's could be considered a little boring. But let her shimmer in the sun and you realise why she was created, to evoke the dew glistening on a perfect rose first thing in the morning light. Poetic, huh?

Chanel Morning Rose, glistening gold flecks in the bottle

Also, I think that one carefully applied coat looks more refined than two. And it's very rare that that happens. Ms R was the first to point it out to me, being unashamedly a one-coat girl anyway. But she's right in this case. I wish I'd stopped, and photographed, one coat. It's an almost nude look with a salmon pink blush. Very, very elegant.

All the photos show two coats with Essie Good to Go topcoat. And they were taken on my iPod, which oddly enough picks up the colour a bit more accurately than my Fujicam.

Does Morning Rose charm you or bore you?

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