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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter

It's just an unassuming little pot of lip balm, right?

That was my first impression of the Korres Wild Rose balm. I'd heard quite a bit of buzz on it in the beauty stratosphere, but I never felt that I needed it in my life. I mean, how many lip balms and barely tinted chapstick type products can one person have?

I was browsing in Crete duty free a few months back at the end of our little holiday, and I was drawn to the Korres shelf. Korres, being a Greek brand, had a half decent display of more than just it's bestsellers, so I thought that I would take the chance to do some 'research', and I picked up the Guava body butter, Pomegranate moisturiser and the Wild Rose Lip Butter.

More raves on the Guava body butter another time, suffice to say that it's a total saviour for dried out skin.

Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter

But onto the lip butter. Oh my, oh my.... what wonderful things this does to the lips. It literally goes on like a butter, smooth and light, gliding over the lips and giving them comfort, shine, colour and volume, all in one hit.

Actually the volume element is extraordinary. If I want plumped-up lips I'll use this. It makes them soft, pulpy and voluptuous! Sorry if I sound Mills and Boon, but seriously, I feel like a Mills and Boon heroine when I wear this. In a good way.

Excuse the horribly dry lips....

.....but look how much better they are with the Korres balm!

Colour wise, it looks to be a scary dark burgundy in the pot, but it's a sheer blush of red that glazes your lips. I have very pigmented lips anyway, so on me it looks darker than on most.

I can't think of a bad thing to say about this. The smell is very delicate, you can almost pick up the rose, but it's not strong at all which is good for a lip product in my opinion. It re-hydrates lips beautifully and adds a blush of colour. You could still wear lipstick over it should you choose to.

Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter

I use my fingers to apply it, but a brush works too if you don't like using fingers. I'm always using it at home and not on the move so I have clean fingers when I dip in the pot.

Highly recommended on every level.



  1. Cool...I want to track this down. How much does it cost? In fact, I do you feel about doing comparisons and price assessments in some of your posts? I'm a bit of a penny-pincher when it comes to my beauty products, but I'll spend the money on something that's really worth it (or ask for it for Christmas). For example, I always ask for Origins Ginger Souffle for my birthday, because that seems to be the right price point for a gift. But a girl's got to grow. How would Korres stack up against Origins for price/value/effectiveness/deliciousness?

    Only do it if sounds fun, though. ;-)

    1. Sarah, it's about £6 here online at, but prices vary so much, if you do a google search you'll see you can pay as much as £11 for it if you're not careful. In the USA it's available at Sephora for $12. do free worldwide delivery so might be worth getting them to ship it instead. Korres is cheaper than Origins and for bath and body stuff I would say that quality is on a par. For facial care I would however stick with Origins. Funny, but Origins is probably my favourite of all skincare brands actually. I'll try and be more 'useful' and include price comparisons in the future ;)

    2. Forgot to add, that if you want a totally pampering body treat for a fraction of the price then the Korres Guava body butter is DIVINE! Very very rich, so perfect for the winter months. A treat, but not so extravagant you can't pick one up on the way home from work ;) Here it's £12.50 online.


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