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Monday, 27 August 2012

Dior 'Camel'

This was one of last weeks NOTD's which I photographed and didn't get round to posting. Great that.

I ordered this about a year ago when the tiny Dior Mitzah collection came out at Selfridges. For some reason I was obsessed with mustardy shades back then and this colour ticked all my mustard boxes. Plus it could almost be a nude in the right lighting.

Why didn't I blog about this last year then? Because I'm a ditz that's why. I'm not sure if you can still get this in stores, but surely online there's a way. There's always a way.

So, Camel. Very aptly named I think, a yellow-toned brown tan shade which, with a bit more of a tan could really be a very convincing nude with my olive skin.

I do like this. And I do find that it goes with almost any outfit, being understated but still eye-catching in it's own way. When freshly applied it looks pretty amazingly chic, but it needs to look 'fresh' and shiny, or else where in grubby '40 ciggies a day' territory.

Definitely a long nail colour too. Short nails are better off working darks and brights to their advantage.

So in conclusion, not the easiest of shades to pull off, but I'm very glad it's found it's way into my collection for those few days a year when everything will work in it's favour.

Incidently, this is the only Dior polish I own, but it's one of the best formulas and hands-down the best brush for application. The new L'Oreal polishes have a similar brush come to think of it (photo here), albeit less pointy.

Thoughts on Dior Camel?.... yay or nay?


  1. Well I'm super pale - like borderline blue. And so I could never pull this off. It looks beaautiful in the pictures though, and seem very sophisticated!

    1. Tora, don't worry, when I'm paler than this I can't pull it off either!

  2. Like it on you a lot! Probably not for me though. I'm eyeing the shiny shiny blacks for fall and winter.

    1. Thanks Sarah, I'm also starting to get obsessed with shiny black shades, especially blackened blues and greens!


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