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Friday, 13 January 2012

YOU choose the nail!

A Thing for Beauty has gone interactive. I need YOUR help in choosing my next NOTD.

I've been on a 3 week protein nail treatment which has meant that I've not been able to paint my nails for a while, but now that they are finally 98% flake-free I am in a rapturous state of glee at the prospect of being able to paint them again.  I will post about the treatment very soon!

Here's where you come in; I have a few 'untrieds' in my collection and I simply can't decide which one to make the next 'nail of the day' post with. So, I'm letting you all pick. The one with the most votes wins (obviously... )

 You have nine colours to choose from, all un-used (apart from the Dior which I've used once but not swatched on here):

Essie French Affair - a pale lilac-pink
Essie Midnight Cami - deep midnight blue shimmer

Dior Camel - Mitzah Collection - Camel, mustard nude

Sephora I'm Wired - pinky coral

Essie California Coral - pinky coral

Barry M Red Black - Deep, burgundy wine jelly

Mavala Rococo Red - Classic rich red

Sinful Colors Bleu de Pluie - misty, dirtied blue

Mavala Bronze Green - forest green with golden glints
 Please vote by commenting below! The more votes then the more thrilling and exciting it all becomes..... which colour will it be? Which one???

The suspense is just too much....



  1. I LOVE the dior nude color and the rococo red!!very nice and rich!!!and...I'm happy to hear that your nails 'recovered' :)

  2. Essie Midnight Cami - or something more nude-y with Midnight Cami on the tips?:-)

  3. French Affair! Looks like candyfloss, melted lollipops, sticky lipstick and glossy, chewy Snap n' Crackle!!!1


  4. mavala bronze green please!

  5. My favourite of these is definately Essie, I am really into my pinks at the moment.

  6. Hmmmmm, so far we have 2 for French Affair, 2 for the Dior nude, 1 for Midnight Cami and 1 for Bronze Green..... girls, you're not making it easy! lol


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