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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Magic Muji Make-Up Boxes

Muji perspex storage boxes
 This was going to be entitled Storage Porn but I thought against it due to possible search engine 'misadventures'.... to be honest though that's exactly what it is to me. These magnificent, sleek acrylic boxes had me drooling for months in the same way (ahem).... a gentleman may look upon a lady's garter.....

I've recently been a little more than obsessed with storage ideas, spending so much time on the Ikea website that I've all but memorised the names and measurements for various boxes and shelving systems.

These babies, however, are from Muji. We don't have Muji in Brussels so I carted them back from London.  I confess the idea was not originally my own, GG introduced me to these beauties a few months back and after seeing her make-up impeccably stored within these crystal-like cubes I've dreamed about them every since.

I picked up 3 sets of the large double drawer system, two of them with a lift-up lid, although in hindsight you only need the lift-up lid for the top.

In a handy double whammy you get to see most of my make-up collection too. So, in the top drawer I've placed my base make-up, you can see my Erborian BB creams, my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage palette and some concealers and foundation samples.

The second drawer I've dedicated to dressing my cheeks with a mixture of cream and powder blushers and my huge MAC mineralize skin finish powder.

I've put my lip products in the third drawer (which in reality is the top drawer of the next set of boxes). This is where I regret buying it with a flip top lid as the weight of the boxes on top pushes the lid into the drawer and makes it a bit stiff to open. Here I have a right old mix of brands and colours, a bit of MAC, a couple of Chanels, and some highstreet brands like Rimmel and Collection 2000. The pink tube on the right is my latest love, Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector, which I will wax lyrical on at a later date.

The next drawer houses my mascaras, liquid liners, brow products and eye primers. Here I need to throw out a few old mascaras, but when organising everything I also discovered a brand new unopened YSL one (a gift) and a couple of new Rimmel Sexy Curves ones which I stocked up on recently and forgot about. All hail the greatness of see-through storage.... no more waste and forgetfulness!

These last two drawers are dedicated to single eye shadows and palettes. I have quite a few MAC single shadows which I can now use more because I can see them face-on every day. My new Naked palette takes pride of place on the bottom draw. Next to it is a new Clarins lipstick I bought in the sales and haven't found room for in the lip drawer but it will probably end up in my handbag soon, aka the lipstick graveyard...

Last but not least, I forgot to post about my compliment to the boxes which is the matching 'brush holder'. I think it's meant for stationery but it suits my brush storage needs well enough. I bought it a few weeks back and it's got a bit manky from Mr P splashing about the sink like a dolphin. :p

The acrylic boxes with lids are £11.50 each and the ones without lids are £10.95, they are all stackable.
The brush holder (desk organiser) is £7.95.

How do you store your make-up treasures?


  1. I have these! I need to buy a few more but they are amazing ♥

    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

    1. Good move, Carissa. I also think I need more now!

  2. I love these, I first saw them on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim has one and I've wanted one ever since haha! xx

    1. Jessica, I know, I heard about K Kardashian's make-up box, I never actually got to see the show though. You should definitely get them, they make my mornings a breeze!

  3. These look great, thanks for sharing :D


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