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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I'm Naked and loving it

New Years resolution: Be naked more often ;)

I can't believe I finally own the palette to end all palettes, the all-hallowed Naked by Urban Decay.
12 sumptuous, chic, velvety neutrals to face 2012 in. A million thank you's to GG for gifting this to me for Christmas.

The Naked palette is EVERYWHERE on the net but I wanted to take my own pictures to show off it's glory. I held off touching it for a whole two days (do you feel my pain?) until I'd taken photos so please appreciate my patience and admire them accordingly....

And it wouldn't be a 'useful' post without some sort of comparison so behold the Sleek Storm palette compared to my spanking new Naked baby.

There are definite similarities but not all the colours are duped. I thought about doing comparison swatches too but wasn't sure if it had been done a million times already, plus I spent the whole of the Christmas period feeling pretty rank and the last thing I wanted to do was paint the lengths of my arms in shades of beige.....  Nonetheless I will do some if requested along with a more detailed comparison of the two palettes. In general though the Storm palette shadows are softer and more 'crumbly' as they are mineral based. Also the colours in the Storm palette are a fraction warmer and darker and there is a matte black shade which the Naked palette does not have. Naked contains more pale shades.

Thoughts so far..... apart from loving the instant prettiness of all the colours, the shadows are buttery and smooth and apply beautifully. I haven't used all of them yet but Sin and Smog are in the running to becoming my favourites. The brush which is included is nice  and soft but in my opinion not suited to applying powder shadow. It doesn't pick up colour well or transfer it evenly. I want to see if it picks up cream shadow better as synthetic shadow brushes often do. I've been using my MAC 217 both for laying the colour down and for blending.

Naked 2 should be out later this month if not, what's a girl to do?

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