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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Top of the taupes - including comparison between Barry M Mushroom and Cappucino

I had prepared this post from a few weeks ago but never got round to writing it up. I thought it very appropriate for this time of year when we pack away the corals and dig out the greiges...

From left to right: Mavala Mauve Cedre, Barry M Cappucino, Barry M Mushroom, Maybelline Rosy Sand, OPI A Taupe of the Space Needle, Kiko shade 325

Inspired by the taupe-y goodness that is Barry M Mushroom, I decided I'd compare it to my latest Barry M acquisition, Cappucino, and then in a fever of taupe - greige enthusiasm I thought I'd dig out other shades in my stash to compare.

I was worried that they would all look far too similar, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are all different enough to justify them being in my possession. Maybelline Rosy Sand (4th along) is perhaps the only one that doesn't really belong, more suited to the nude palette, but I thought I'd chuck it in there as to me it's a paler shade of Barry M Mushroom to it's left. The OPI shade A Taupe of the Space Needle is more of a muddy khaki, you can really see it's green tones when compared to the others. I'd previously thought that the Kiko 325 was quite green, but now I see it as a green-toned grey.

From left to right: Mavala Mauve Cedre, Barry M Cappucino and Barry M Mushroom
 So here is a clearer comparison of the two Barry M's. Cappucino is a more purple take on a classic taupe, but still in the taupe family I'd say. Mushroom is much more milk chocolate with a greyed base. Both are great shades to have, I couldn't choose between them as to which I like best and to be honest, at £2.99, I don't think I have to.
Interestingly I nearly didn't buy Cappucino because I thought it would be too similar to Mavala Mauve Cedre (also pictured above) which I'd had for a while, but there is far more grey in the Mavala.
I love doing these shade comparisons.... I could spend hours just staring at swatches, plus it makes me realise the value of uniqueness in every colour I possess. Yes Mr P, they are ALL DIFFERENT.

I seriously recommend getting some plastic nail wheels from ebay, they are super cheap and hours of fun lie ahead!

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