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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect Review

Writing this review has made me feel even more enraged about this....

This is possibly the worst make-up item I have ever bought. It's totally unusable. First of all, the idea of two lipsticks in one to be used for 'special effects' is asking for trouble.... obviously marketed by people who are colour-blind and have no idea what they are doing, FOR people who have no idea how to apply make-up and think that a product like this will make their lives easier. It's total pants.

So why did I buy this, you may ask? Well, I was doing a show where I needed to have a metallic gold lip, and seeing as I don't like using other people's make-up I had to source some sort of gold lippie from somewhere. My train was about to leave, it was an emergency and this was the only 'gold' lipstick I found. Gipsy Red (30) has a gold-ish colour on one end and a bright coral red on the other.

Max Factor Flipstick in Gypsy

At least I didn't spend money on it, I used my Boots points, but how I cried over those wasted points.

Firstly, the gold part is poorly pigmented and just left a patchy orangey-bronze glaze which was not the desired effect. Secondly, the main colour, the corally red on the other side was everything that lipstick should NOT be. Rough textured, bumpy, soapy-smelling, and totally horrible. When I tried it the day after the show I was horrified at how a company like Max Factor could make such a horrendous product and sell it for the exorbitant price of £8.49! I mean, with all the incredible lipsticks out there these days, including cheap ones, what the hell were they thinking?? It made my lips look zombified, like they were flaky and peeling. It has chunks of glitter in it that don't come through other than in the texture so it looks and feels rough on the lips.

Swatches of Max Factor Flipstick (Gypsy). Gold shade, top, red shade, bottom

When I removed it straight away, my lips were totally dehydrated and required layers of lip balm to soothe them.

And speaking of other terrible crimes committed by Max Factor.... their 2000 Calorie Waterproof mascara? Officially the most useless piece of **** that I've ever used on my poor lashes.

"The make up of make up artists".... Seriously?????

Rant officially over. Go in peace.


  1. I feel your anger! Totally! Where do these useless formulas even come from? It's upsetting! Thank you for ranting, hope it made it easier for you. You wouldn't wish to elaborate on the whole "needed a gold lipstick"-thingy? Were you Cleopatra?

    1. LOL, I'm sorry, I was a bit 'hormonal' when I wrote this ;)

      I wasn't Cleopatra, in fact I wasn't even playing a woman, but yes we are talking Ancient world drama. I ended up using a gold-bronze pigment supplied by the costume department.


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