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Friday, 30 March 2012

Chanel Long Lasting Eyeliner in Grenat (85)

So far I've resisted the Spring collections. I would wander about the counters dreamily swatching shadows, blushers, polishes and then dreamily wander away giving myself an imaginary pat on the back for resisting their pastel charms. 

Until, one day last week, I saw Lisa Eldridge use some of the new products on the Chanel website and when I saw how utterly gorgeous the eyeshadow palette (Eclosion) looked when applied with the new Grenat eyeliner I knew that my resolve would crumble. 

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof - Grenat (85)
Then I reasoned.... the main colour Lisa (we're on first name terms and all that... ;p) used was actually provided by the liner which was smudged into the shadow of a similar colour. I would resist the palette but the liner was a necessity.

(Yes Mr P, it was NECESSARY. I fell down the stairs, remember?)

Actually, on a side note, I did fall down the stairs, and very nasty it was too. So, hello Chanel, I think I might deserve you a bit. 

Grenat is one of the long-lasting waterproof formulas, a little drier and firmer than regular kohl pencils but with a lasting power which knocks spots off them. This needs quick blending as it sets quite fast due to it's waterproof nature.

 The colour is hard to describe but definitely not hard to wear as I had first thought it would be. I commented to Ms R that it looked like it would give you that 'eye infection' look, due to the slight red tone.

Ok I was wrong. But also a little bit right. This is a gorgeous, soft sexy colour to wear smudged round the eyes. I wouldn't,  however, recommend it on the waterline. In a moment of over-enthusiasm I also whacked it on the waterline top and bottom, et voila'..... I looked like I'd got a nasty case of pink eye....

Chanel Grenat

Chanel Grenat eyeliner (smudged - top, applied neat - bottom)

True to form my camera likes to play colour tricks so these photos don't quite capture the more plummy, burgundy nature of Grenat to it's full beauty, but it does portray the more brownish tones which I think is what makes this so wearable.

Chanel Grenat eyeliner (top, smudged, bottom, neat) - daylight

I'm in love with this little pencil. It makes such a refreshing change from brown or black and for me it makes the perfect spring eye look. All you need is a neutral base shadow and this smudged on the lashline. It's not your typical pastel spring colour but that's why I like it, it's that bit different. I see this working beautifully all year round and I know this will be one of my staples.

I don't know if this is limited edition but not being an obvious show-stopper, like the eye quad for instance I'm sure it's not likely to be a sell-out instantly even if it is.

I paid about €20 for this here in Brussels (Mr P, if you're reading this, I FELL DOWN THE GODDAMN STAIRS, REMEMBER?), in the UK it retails for £18.

Would you wear it?


  1. It's a beautiful color! I would totally rock it (if I had a spare 20 eur)!

    Also, side note, I fell down stairs in our building too a while ago, the bruises I had were pretty magnificent. haha!

    1. Hey Brody, I know it's a goooorgeous colour, I love it more every day.

      Sorry to hear you had a tumble down the stairs too, there must be something in the air!

  2. It looks very pretty, hard to imagine what it looks like on the face, but the warmth is probably very flattering!

    Hope you have a great easter! (do you have easter off?) The easter bunny totally owns this place and everything is closed and stuff.

    1. Thanks Tora! I can assure you this is a fantastic colour to own, in fact I haven't stopped wearing it since I bought it. Easter was frenzied for me, so maybe you can thank the Easter bunny for giving you some time off!


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