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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dior - Diablotine

Dior - Diablotine (Summer 2013)
Hello spring, you're here at last. Please stay a while so that your sunlight can grace my finger tips and make it worth my while to wear sparkling colours like this one...

Diablotine - artificial light

 This is Diablotine by Dior, this season's impulse purchase by yours truly. It's been a long time since I splashed out on lacquer (really, Mr P, it has!). But this little beauty caught my eye (damn you, Cafe Makeup newsletter) and I had to grab it.

It's a very unusual shade of red, not that dupable. A soft red with an orange undetone (more visible in the artificial light of my bathroom) and tiny micro-specks of fuschia sparkle. There is also a slight milky quality to the colour which stops it from being the sheerer jelly I thought it would be. This is totally opaque in one coat, but I've given it two coats for more depth of shimmer and longevity of course.

I've reinstated my regular Fuji camera now which takes better close up shots my ipod touch. I'll aim to do most of my photography with this one now that I've found it's charger! The artificial light photos show the subtle sparkle more clearly, while the natural light ones are perhaps truer to the real colour.

Diablotine - natural light

This is not the glossiest of polishes and definitely needs a topcoat. In fact, even after the top coat it dulled down again after a while. You can tell from the photos that it's not gleaming like some other polishes. Still, it's gorgeous and so perfect for spring. Plus the brush and formula are exceptional, so easy to paint with.

I chose this colour to wear this weekend in Paris.... where I may just pick up the matching lip-gloss.

Sephora beckons. I can hardly contain myself.

What do you think of Diablotine? Yay or nay?

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