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Monday, 11 June 2012

I'm on Pinterest!

It's a wretched, miserable day here in London and the weather is giving no signs of mercy. So what better tonic than a cup of tea and time spent indoors in front of a few pretty pictures....

This is why I love Pinterest, the online clipboard where you can post anything that takes your fancy. I joined over a month ago to create a gallery of my manicures and stuff that I like to bake, but then it gets a bit addictive and you start pinning photos of anything that makes you go 'oooooooohh'. You can re-pin any images you like and it's a lovely record of everything that's sugar to your eyes.

All my NOTDs on one Pinterest board
You can follow my pins (pandorapins) here .

Let me know if you're on Pinterest too! 

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  1. I am on Pinterest too! (Though I only visit about once every two weeks...) When I do, I pin up a storm....


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