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Monday, 12 December 2011

Behold the prettiness...

...that is this gorgeous mineralize eyeshadow from MAC.

An early Christmas present from my darling friend Ms R, this little beauty has stolen my heart. In the pan it appears a silvery pinky-lilac shot through with gunmetal veining.

It reminds me of the marbling we used to do in art class at primary school... you know,  where you mix oil paints on top of water and then lay a sheet of paper on top.

 Perhaps controversially I also love the white casing, a change from the usual black pots. This is part of the limited edition Glitter and Ice collection and the colour itself is called Strike a Pose. I was kind of overwhelmed by the size of the MAC collections this winter so I never really took the time to browse them properly. Plus I was trying to stay away from the little MAC store in Place Stephanie so that I would not be led into temptation.

MAC Strike a Pose mineralize eyeshadow swatched (not very well, I hasten to add!)
On the eyes this is the perfect winter shimmer! Not too frosty, not too coloured, it's a cool toned wash of lilac-grey shimmer. It's incredibly flattering and eye-brightening, I'm astonished at how 'fresh' I look with this on. It's the type of shadow I've been searching for subconsciously over the past few months but have not been able to find. I can't think of an occasion when this wouldn't be appropriate. 
If you'd want high density pigment in this then you'd be disappointed, but to me pigment isn't everything and I really believe that shadows like this can be easier to negotiate on hurried days. A quick swipe, minimal blending and you're done. I can't think of a skin tone this wouldn't work on.
Love it! 

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