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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bad, bad nails = no NOTD's

I'm so frustrated. I have so many pretty colours itching to be displayed on my talons and yet my nails have been behaving so abominably that I cannot even paint them anymore.

Big sad face...

The peeling has gotten so bad that I barely have any nails left, they really do look a horrible sight.

Bigger, even sadder face...

I've ordered some nail wheels from ebay which means that I can still show you all some pretty polishes but alas, I will not have the pleasure of wearing them myself for a while.

In a drastic last ditch attempt to salvage the wreckage I've ordered Nailtiques Formula 2 for peeling nails from It seems to have great reviews online with folks raving that it saved their peeling, flaking nails and turned them into things of wonder. Here's hoping...

Big, sad, but hopeful, face.

How do you all look after your nails?


  1. I know what you mean about peeling nails... The Thing that made a HUGE difference to me was Nail Tek Foundation II. Seriously, my nails have never been better :)

  2. not-so-twins, I've never heard of Nail Tek, thanks for the tip, I'll check it out definitely!

  3. I'm having the same problem. :( I bought so many new polishes recently, and it's driving me crazy!

  4. girls, I had been the same problems for years!!!my nails were so weak and they always cracked...I could not understand why; I stopped using polish for a while...I used nail buffer instead of scissors(which I hadn't never used before) ---> they got better and grow!!!I've never had long nails so I was so happy...I also used (and use right now) almond oil on them twice a day.
    have a try for some weeks, no polish, just oil!!

  5. @Brody, I'm so feeling your pain at the moment. It sucks :(

    @Iris, I've been using nail oils (including almond oil) for a while now, and it's great for the cuticles, but the tips of my nails just won't stop flaking.


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