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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Rodial Skinny Beach Sticks - Finally, the review!

Part 1: Skinny

So, I finished my pack of Rodial Skinny Beach sticks yesterday.
Today I measured myself.
No Change.

Am I slimmer? No

Am I less bloated? No

Am I tanned? Well, let's wait and see if at least they keep that part of the promise because they have failed miserably on all other accounts. Part 2 will come after I get back from my holiday in about 3 weeks.

At the moment all I can see that this is is a very, very,VERY expensive tropical squash drink. You shake it up with about 100 ml of water to make a pleasant tasting drink and that's it. You have to shake it because stirring it alone doesn't seem to dissolve the powder effectively.

I drank this every day for two weeks. I noticed from about the 3rd day that I was going to the loo a bit more than usual, so I thought 'great, it's working.... I'm de-bloating!' But apart from it's slight diuretic effect I didn't notice anything else.

Now, I didn't expect miracles at all. What I did expect is some small difference, at least half a centimetre less in my measurements, which, by the way I took the day I started the course and then once again today. For the amount of money these suckers cost it has to, in my opinion, deliver something. At least I didn't pay the whole hog, I got mine for £14.95 when they had a special offer going. I cringe when I think that I even spent that much on this stuff when I could have got a mega bottle Robinson's Fruit Squash for a tenth of the price and probably enjoyed it more.

So I'm sorry to say girls, do not waste your money. If you still want to give this, and any of their other fruit squash sticks a go, then make sure you take advantage of their occasional discount codes. £48 is just daylight robbery.

I'll let you know how part 2, the 'Beach' (tanning) part goes..... but don't hold your breath.


  1. Sorry to hear they didn't work! I was going to buy some with a half price deal, but I'm so glad I didn't now. Thank you for your honest review! x x

  2. Thanks Jessie. I'm sorry they didn't work too :(

  3. Oh no! How sad :(

    I am sure you are slim and beautiful as it is!
    Fingers crossed that the tanning bit works though, just for the money's sake!

  4. Thanks for the review. I just about to buy and try it out.


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