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Friday, 1 July 2011

Byzantium is back! - Chanel Byzance Collection

As a previous student of Byzantine history I have to say I got all hot under the collar when I saw the promo images for Chanel's Byzance collection for autumn.

I will tell you now that this will be a gratuitous picture post. No waffle from yours truly.... I'll let the images speak for themselves.

Both the fashion and the make-up are incredible....

This got me thinking back to the film Kingdom of Heaven, with Eva Green as the stupendously beautiful heroine. If anyone can pull off Byzantine chic she can.

Note the heavy use of black liner. If you want to channel this look next season then eye kohl is your new best friend. In the promo shots a red lip liner has also been used on the eyes....approach with caution - unless you have the whole Byzantine regalia to go with it, crown included. Faux conjunctivitis ain't a good look.

The Chanel Byzance make-up collection includes a palette of rich golds and browns, two blushers in red and gold, and a lipstick.

It's all oh-so decadent, don't you find? I suppose once we step into autumn and the weather starts going even more downhill we need a bit of luxury in our lives to perk us up a bit, even if it's just to look at.

What do you think of this trend? (if I can call it that)

I for one, will be searching ebay for a Byzantine crown to wear with my smouldering black kohl lined eyes..... would look great on the tram.


  1. Soo beautiful! I love it a lot. Wish I could go out like that. Oh, and the blue silk cut around the shoulder on that 4th picture *ZOMG*.


    So glad you shared this with me! Thank you!

  2. You're very welcome, I love it too and wish that I could wear something like this every day, I know it would suit me more than jeans! :P

  3. I know, right? Would look so much more feminine, and I insist, would be more comfortable as well! A little bit of silk would surely only improve my life. I can't stop looking at these pictures and swooning.


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