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Friday, 13 May 2011

Project Mimosa!

Today I got the kick up the backside I needed.

I wandered into Ici Paris XL to browse face cleansers, and there it was before me.... my beloved Mimosa! Yes, finally after months of waiting and dreaming, the Chanel summer collection was out, and the beautiful little bottle of sunshine that is the Mimosa nail polish was just sitting there in all its cuteness waiting for me.

Notwithstanding the fact that I had approximately 10 kilos of shopping hanging off my arm and a rucksack full of French text books, I frantically unscrewed the cap off the tester and proceeded to paint my pinkie nail yellow. The first coat was streaky, so while I waited for it to dry I picked up the Morning Rose (an enticing sparkly pink) and painted my ring finger nail. I applied another coat of each polish and behold, I had two nails on my left hand which screamed 'summer'.
Chanel Le Vernis - Mimosa
Chanel Le Vernis - Morning Rose

Unfortunately those are the only two nails I have. The rest of my fingers have what can only be described as 'the wreckage where my nails once used to be'. Yes it is that bad. I do not exaggerate. After a blissful period of nice well-behaved nails which I could paint to my heart's content, I have for the last three weeks been suffering with peeling, soft pathetic nails which have been breaking off at the slightest touch. I've had hangnails galore and infections in two cuticles. What happened???

Instead of trying to cure the situation I've been extremely bad, picking at the dry skin, allowing bits of nail to peel off.... (eugh, I know, it's manky). But now Mimosa is here, and I'm not ready for her..... oh the shame.

To top it all, I have a big event in two weeks time. I'll be all dressed up in a lovely evening gown, and all eyes will be on me (tis the nature of my job I'm afraid and I actually hate it, but there you go.... ) and therefore my hands will be very much on display. This realisation hit me this afternoon when, while on the tram, I glanced sadly at my little yellow fingernail and felt a little bit sick.

This will simply not do. I have two weeks to get my nails into some sort of decent condition. I will make my declaration here and now: 
  • I promise henceforth to massage my nails and cuticles with almond oil at every opportunity. 
  • I promise to push back the cuticles and cut away jagged bits of nail and skin.
  • I promise to delicately file uneven edges instead of chewing them off (sorry for grossing anyone out). 
  • I promise to seal the split edges with a nail treatment instead of peeling them off even more in front of the TV.
I will not post a disturbing 'before' picture of my hands in their current state, it's just too graphic :(
I will however post an 'after' photo and hopefully by then my nails will be returned to their former glory and dressed in Chanel sunshine couture :)

Wish me luck!

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