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Sunday, 15 May 2011

How NOT to wear Mimosa

Ok, ok, I know, I'm obsessed.

I couldn't wait any longer and finally got my grubby mitts on Chanel's 'Mimosa' nail varnish yesterday, as well as 'Morning Rose' and 'Mica' Glossimer lip gloss, all from the amazing summer collection.

However I will not drive you all crazy by banging on about what an amazing colour Mimosa is. No my dearies, this is just a very short post I felt compelled to write after trying to paint my toenails yellow.

One word. DON'T.

After I had painted the toes of one foot I realised that I looked like I had some sort of disease, and then it quickly dawned on me that chemists are full of anti-yellowing toenail products and yet here I am painting my toes the colour of nail fungus... albeit a designer nail fungus.

No, no. This is strictly a FINGERNAIL colour. Girls, do not put it anywhere near your toes!!!!


  1. mhhhhh... I looked the bottle you posted and thought "what a wondeful color!"....ok , now I KNOW ;)
    thank you!

  2. Haha totally agree with you! I used a Barry M yellow paint on my toes last summer and it looked TERRIBLE! Not a good look! Fingers however - loved it :) xxx

  3. I know! Usually 'unwearable' colours look great on toes. Not so this one!

    Still, it is a stunningly beautiful colour... now I just have to wait for my nails to grow a bit so I can finally flaunt it.


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