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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Award time!

Sorry for the silence my dear beauty hounds, I've been away this past week with no time to blog. During my absence though it appears that I received a little award. Actually, I've received another award some weeks back which I totally forget to post on the page. So here they are, both of them posted at the same time. Forgive me if it seems like I'm blowing my own trumpet!

The Versatile Blogger Award came from Silvia at Nuvoledilana e Fioridicotone (Clouds of wool and cotton flowers..... awwwwww!) an blog in Italian about all things crocheted. Silvia makes some amazing creations in just minutes, so take a look if you have the chance. Yes, it's in Italian, but the photos speak for themselves. Grazie Silvia!

The second award came from Daisy at Simply Daisybelle, a really lovely blog filled with all things fashion and beauty related.  Thank you so much Daisy!

I'm supposed to nominate other blogs for an award (according to the Versatile Blogger I'm supposed to nominate 7, and according to Kreativ Blogger it's got to be 10!)

For The Versatile Blogger Award here are my winners:

1) Ruth @ A Model Recommends
2) Sam & Nic @ Pixiwoo
3)Tanya @ Tanyaburr
4)Gemma @ gemsmaquillage
5)London Beauty Queen
6)Daisy @ Simply Daisybelle
7)Christine @ Temptalia

For the Kreativ Blogger award my winners are all of the above, plus:

8) Silvia @Nuvoledilana e Fioridicotone
9) Fleur @ Fleur de Force
10)Sarah @ Third Culture Kitchen

I'm also supposed to reveal 7 facts about myself (according to Versatile Blogger) or 10 facts (according to Kreativ Blogger). To make things easier I'll just do 10, that way both requisites are covered:

1) I've lived in Brussels for three years now.

2) I married Mr P last year and it was the most incredible day of my life :)

3) As well as all things beauty I adore all things culinary and think about food as much as I think about lipstick!

4) My favourite colour is coral.

5) I melt whenever I see a puppy

6) I'm an opera singer

7)I have a serious addiction to baking....

8)... and as a consequence I also have an addiction to cellulite cream :)

9) I adore shopping for make-up and hate shopping for clothes (mascara can never make you feel fat)

10)I do Pilates, even though it hurts like hell.

Right, now that's done, I better line up all the products I have promised myself to review for you lovely girls.... :)


  1. Hello, I stumbled over your blog whilst browsing through others and I really like it :)
    I have been told by my fiance to no longer bake, as it is helping his shape haha. But I love to cook also, when I am allowed :) hehe.

    Great blog, am happy to follow

  2. great facts, an opera singer? I'm impressed! I am getting into cooking too, I've posted several cooking reviews on my blog you might be interested in :)

  3. Thanks girlies.

    Great blogs, I've checked them out :)


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