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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Rhubarb Rubacuori

Possibly a contender for the most bizarre blog-post on the entire world-wide web, but bear with me on this....

Tis the season for rhubarb. Today I picked up a massive bunch of the stuff at the supermarket, so enchanted was I by its glorious pinky corally reddish hue.
What is that? asked Mr P, grimacing somewhat.
It's rhubarb!
What are you going to do with it?
I don't know, probably make a crumble. But really,  I don't care what I do with it,  I love the colour so much, I just want it!

So ok, this isn't a foodie blog but I can't stop being inspired by food, and somehow that inspiration seems to lead me to make-up on a very conscious level. Hence Blossoms and Brownies
After all, nature produces some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring colours, so why not?
As I chopped up the magical pink batons it occurred to me that the colour reminded me of something I had in my make-up box. At the time I couldn't think what it was.
Later on I went to get myself ready for going out, and it hit me. My blush (MAC Springsheen) was the exact same colour as the magic rhubarb. I was filled with joy, simple creature that I am. I applied it liberally to the upper part of my cheeks and worked it into the skin to give me a healthy peachy (or rhubarby) flush. To complete the look I used gold and bronzey brown eyeshadows  from my beloved Sleek Storm palette and my Jemma Kidd "Bridgetown" lipstick, my current favourite nude colour. I didn't want to go all pinky rhubarb all over, the cheeks were enough.
I came downstairs, and pouted at Mr P.

What do you think of my make-up?
Nice... you look like Ruby Rubacuori!

Cue a little paranoia. Had my pouting gone too far? Had I indeed transformed myself into Berlusconi's "stealer of hearts" herself?
What on earth do I do with all that rhubarb?!

Well no, not exactly. But the pouty nude lip look is one that Ruby often sports (as well as other 'nude' looks, but we won't go there...). Men can be very observant!
Still, never in a million years did I think that the pure and simple inspiration I took from the humble rhubarb would lead to a comparison like this. I'm just thankful I don't have the Italian prime minister on speed dial.
What started out as a look based on pretty pink innocent flushed cheeks had ended up being about a sexy fleshpot pout. No bad thing I guess. But couldn't Mr P have said Angelina Jolie instead???

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